1. Fertility

101. Labor Market Dynamics and Fertility Balbo
103. Infertility and Reproductive Health Balbo
104. Fertility in uncertain times Balbo
105. Educational attainment and fertility Balbo
106. Fertilty Dynamics in a Comparative Perspective Balbo
107. New Methodological Approaches in Fertility Research Balbo
108. Novel Perspectives in Fertility Research Balbo
109. Timing of Fertility Balbo
110. Flash Session: Fertility and the COVID-19 Pandemic Balbo
112. Low and Middle Income Countries' Fertility Dynamics Balbo

2. Families and Households

201. Flash Session: Covid and the Family Kalmijn
203. Genetic and family effects on children Kalmijn
204. Divorce determinants Kalmijn
205. Work and the family Kalmijn
206. Union formation Kalmijn
207. Divorce and children Kalmijn
208. Gender and family Kalmijn
209. Child care and family Kalmijn
210. Family and child outcomes Kalmijn
211. Homogamy and intermarriage Kalmijn
212. Union formation and dissolution Kalmijn

3. Life Course

301. Transition to Adulthood Murinkó
302. Childlessness and parenthood in the life course Murinkó
303. Consequences of childhood family for adult life courses Murinkó
304. Flash session: intersections of family formation and employment during the life course Murinkó

4. Ageing and Intergenerational Relations

401. Ageing and Intergenerational Relations Kreidl
402. Intergenerational relations and inequality Kreidl
403. Families, health, and healthcare Kreidl
404. Networks, exchange, and care Kreidl

5. Internal Migration and Urbanization

501. Internal Migration and Urbanization Vidal
502. Residential dynamics and neighbourhood composition Vidal
503. Recent trends of internal migration Vidal
504. Spatial mobility over the life course Vidal
505. Internal migration and family dynamics Vidal
506. Flash Session: International and Internal Mobility Wachter

6. International Migration

601. International Migration Sander
602. New data sources on international migration Sander
603. Drivers of international migration Sander
604. Trends and patterns in international migration Sander

7. Migrant Populations

701. Migrant Populations Pailhé
702. Migrant Populations: attitudes and contextual factors Pailhé
703. Fertility among immigrant populations Pailhé
704. Legal status and life course of immigrants Pailhé
706. Health and ageing of immigrants Pailhé

8. Health, Wellbeing and Morbidity

801. Health, Wellbeing and Morbidity Solé-Auró
802. Adding Healthy Life Years to Our Lives Solé-Auró
803. Climate Change, Air Pollution and Health Solé-Auró
804. Consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health Solé-Auró
805. Education and Health Solé-Auró
806. Migration and Health Solé-Auró
807. Family Dynamics, Work Conditions and Health Solé-Auró
808. Risk factors and depression risk Solé-Auró
809. Health and Quality of Life of Older People Solé-Auró
810. Flash Session: Inequalities in Life Expectancy, Disability and Health Solé-Auró

9. Mortality and Longevity

901. Mortality and Longevity Aburto
902. COVID-19 mortality across groups and subpopulations Aburto
903. International perspectives on mortality Aburto
904. Methodological innovations in the study of mortality Aburto
905. Current debates around retirement and mortality Aburto
906. Alcohol, smoking, and obesity attributable mortality Aburto
907. Flash Session: Disparity and Variation in Mortality Aburto

10. Historical Demography

1001. Historical Demography Kolk
1002. Mortality in the 19th and 20th centuries Kolk
1003. Causes and consequences of mortality in early life in historical Europe Kolk

11. Data and Methods

1101. Data and Methods Mazzuco
1102. Advancements in Mortality analysis Mazzuco
1103. Improvements in forecasting methods Mazzuco
1104. Issues in health data analysis Mazzuco
1105. Modelling Migration, Mobility and Positioning Mazzuco

12. Economics, Human Capital and Labor Markets

1201. Labour Market and Parenthood Baranowska-Rataj
1202. Digitalisation and remote work Baranowska-Rataj
1203. Skills development – opportunities and outcomes Baranowska-Rataj
1204. Poverty, precariousness and job separations Baranowska-Rataj
1206. Flash Session: Entries and Exits from the Labour Market Baranowska-Rataj

13. Policy Issues

1301. Policy Issues Kreyenfeld
1302. The impact of policies on demographic outcomes Kreyenfeld

14. Development, Environment and Space

1401. Environmental Impacts on Health Hoffmann
1402. Development, Gender, and the Environment Hoffmann

15. EPC Sessions

1501. Remembering Jim Vaupel (1945-2022) Van Nimwegen
1502. Lifelines de Valk
1503. Mobility, health and wellbeing: Insights from six research projects Mulder

16. Poster Sessions

1601. Poster Session 1 Wachter
1602. Poster Session 2 Wachter
1603. Poster Session 3 Wachter