Saturday, July 2 / 11:00 - 12:30 Munting building room 0074

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Session 80
Fertility among immigrant populations

Chair: Livia Elisa Ortensi , Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna

1. Fertility by Religion and Religiosity among Immigrants in SwedenErik Carlsson , Stockholm University Demography Unit.

2. Union Formation and Fertility amongst Immigrants from Pakistan and Their Descendants in the United Kingdom: A Multichannel Sequence AnalysisJoseph Harrison , Univeristy of St Andrews.

3. Selective Assimilation? Education and Fertility Patterns of the Descendants of Turkish Immigrants in GermanySandra Krapf , Federal Institute for Population Research; Nadja Milewski , Federal Institut for Population Research, Wiesbaden; Martin Bujard , Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB).

4. Partnership, Fertility, and Employment Trajectories of Immigrants in the UK: A Three-Channel Sequence AnalysisJulia Mikolai , University of St Andrews; Hill Kulu , University of St Andrews.

5. Fertility after East–West Migration: A Register-Based Study of Immigrants in FinlandLeen Rahnu , Tallinn University; Sanna Kailaheimo-Lönnqvist, University of Helsinki; Allan Puur, Tallinn University.

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