Friday, July 1 / 14:00 - 15:30 Heymans building room 0406

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Session 51
Recent trends of internal migration

Chair: Frank Heins , IRPPS-CNR

1. Divergence in Internal Migration Trends: A Multi-Country Panel Approach to Bilateral Regional FlowsMaximiliano Alvarez , The University of Queensland; Aude Bernard , University of Queensland; Scott N. Lieske, The University of Queensland.

2. How Has Covid-19 Impacted on Internal Migration across the Urban Hierarchy?Miguel González-Leonardo , Centre d´Estudis Demogràfics; Antonio Lopez-Gay, Centre d’Estudis Demogràfics (CED), Universitat de Barcelona; Joaquin Recaño Valverde, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; Francisco Rowe, University of Liverpool.

3. Global Assessment of Rural-Urban Migrants Consistent with the Shared Socioeconomic PathwaysLeiwen Jiang , Shanghai University.

4. The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Internal Migration in GermanyNikola Sander , Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB); Nico Stawarz ; Matthias Rosenbaum-Feldbrügge, Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB); Harun Sulak, Federal Institute for Population Research, Germany; Vanessa Knobloch, Federal Statistical Office.

5. Declining Internal Migration: A Rise in Immobility or a Fall in Repeat Migration?Jing Wu , University of Queensland; Aude Bernard , University of Queensland.

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