Thursday, June 30 / 11:00 - 12:30 Munting building room 0161

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Session 12
Fertility in uncertain times

Chair: Chiara Ludovica Comolli , University of Bologna

1. The Formation of Fertility Intentions under Different Future ProspectsLars Dommermuth , Statistics Norway; Trude Lappegard , University of Oslo; Camilla Matera, University of Florence; Alessandra Minello, Univsersity of Padua; Daniele Vignoli , University of Florence.

2. Global uncertainty and fertility intentions in NorwayTrude Lappegard , University of Oslo; Axel Peter Kristensen , University of Oslo; Lars Dommermuth , Statistics Norway.

3. Uncertain Ambivalence. Mixed Feelings in Reproductive Decision-MakingJoanna Lesniak , Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw; Monika Mynarska , Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw; Dominika Karas, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw.

4. Fertility Decline, Fertility Reversal and Changing Childbearing Considerations in Sweden: A Turn to Subjective Imaginations?Gerda R. Neyer , Stockholm University; Gunnar Andersson , Stockholm University; Johan Dahlberg, Stockholm University; Sofi Ohlsson-Wijk, Stockholm University; Linus Andersson; Sunnee Billingsley, Stockholm University.

5. Uncertainty across the “Contact Line”: Armed Conflict, Covid-19, and Perceptions of Fertility Decline in Eastern UkraineBrienna Perelli-Harris , University of Southampton; Yuliya Hilevych , University Of Groningen; Theodore P. Gerber, University of Wisconsin–Madison.

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