Employment Changes among Immigrants and Their Descendants in Four European Countries

Hill Kulu , University of St Andrews
Julia Mikolai , University of St Andrews
Isaure Delaporte , University of St Andrews
Chia Liu , University of St. Andrews
Andreas Höhn, University of St. Andrews
Gunnar Andersson , Stockholm University

This study investigates employment changes among immigrants and their descendants in the UK, France, Germany and Sweden born between 1950 and 1999. While there is a growing literature on immigrant employment in Europe, little research has examined their family and employment histories in tandem. We focus on transitions into and out of employment since migration (immigrants) or leaving education (their descendants). We will apply a series of competing-risks event-history models to combined longitudinal data from the four countries to investigate how family changes interact with employment transitions. We will also calculate time spent in and out of employment by migrant group and country.

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