Search for a Socially Sustainable Everyday Life. Motives for Counterurban Moving Families in Sweden

Erika Sandow, Department of Geography, Umeå University
Emma Lundholm , Umeå University

Young families constitute an important share of counterurban moves in Sweden and are considered as desirable in-migrants by local policymakers. With this paper we aim to increase our knowledge about what drives them by investigating the motives among families leaving metropolitan areas for different types of other destinations. The empirical study relies on a survey of 2,801 households who relocated 2017-2019 from metropolitan areas to other parts of Sweden. The study identifies drivers for the migration decision for different groups of counterurban movers to different types of destinations. A Factor Analysis Approach is used to identify motives for families to make a counterurban move and to analyse their relation to destination choices. The analyses are conducted separately for counterurban moves to the metropolitan hinterland, middle-sized and small towns, and rural areas. The results indicate that the overarching aspiration for these families is to find a better environment for the upbringing of their children and a search for more time with the family. We also find differences between subgroups of movers where for instance about half moved back to where they grew up. Housing prices are as expected often stressed as a motive, both for return migrants and other counterurban movers.

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 Presented in Session 41. Internal migration and family dynamics